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Curiosity and Zen Photography

Curiosity and Zen Photography Zen photographers approach life each day with a sense of youthful curiosity, being wide-open to the wonders of the world whether they be formed as a grand landscape or found in the simplest blade of grass.

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Things in a Row

This week, the theme is to: Photograph Things in a Row This week, the theme is to photograph things in a row. Once you start looking, you’ll see rows everywhere. Think chains, trains, and lines. Explore rows of seats in a theatre, rows of people waiting for a show, rows of flowers waiting to be picked, rows of flags honoring veterans.

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Personality-Infused Photos

I had a bit of an epiphany this week with the help of a couple of the photographers who I’ve interviewed over the past couple of weeks for PhotoYoga. The “ah-ha” moment had to do infusing my personality into my photographs. 

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