The Daily Post has a weekly photo challenge. I’ve not participated before, but this is the type of thing I like to do – so I’m jumping in with both feet!

This week, the photo challenge is Unlikely.

My own take on this theme is a photo of a most unlikely customer from a recent trip to Havana, Cuba.

Photo Can I Buy Some Meat?

Can I Buy Some Meat?
In this photo, a cat looks for all the world like a customer come to purchase some meat from the butcher in the Vedado Agricultural Market in Havana, Cuba.

I spent some time watching this cat hanging around the butcher’s counter in the Vedado Agricultural Market in Havana, Cuba. The cat seemed to be a regular and customers would sometimes buy meat from the butcher and give a few pieces to the cat. I have a sequence of photos taken as a woman made the cat dance for it’s dinner.

In this photo, the cat looks for all the world like a customer himself, reaching up to get the butcher’s attention. The butcher is looking at the cat amused at his unlikely customer. I imagine the interaction:

Cat: Can I buy some meat?

Butcher: Sure no problem! Do you have any money?

The butcher’s stall was on the dark side of the covered farmer’s market. Good for the meat sitting out on the counter, but not so good for photography. I was struggling a bit with getting enough light especially with the shutter speed I needed to freeze the action. I had to compromise a bit and took this with my Sony A7RIII at 24mm 1/320@f3.5 ISO6400.