The folks over at The Daily Post have set LIQUID as this week’s photo challenge.

Water is a basic element of life and even though I don’t live by the sea, water is everywhere.

It’s in the smallest dewdrops….


Photo Nature Up-Close

Nature Up-Close
Look closely at the morning dew on this bamboo shoot. Shaw Nature Reserve is reflecting back in the water droplets.
Sony A7II 90mm 1/160@f9 ISO800

…And in vast oceans.

Photo Sea Foam

I spent a couple of days in Miami especially to photograph a series of colorful lifeguard stands, but I was enamored by the beach at sunrise.

Water can be calm and tranquil…

Photo Pagoda

Long exposure photo. Sunset at the Nathan Frank Bandstand (Pagoda) outside the Muny in Forest Park.
Sony A7II 28 mm 3sec@f16 ISO400

…or a turbulent force of nature.

Manarola High Seas

We were set to leave Cinque Terre later on this day and I had grown to love these five perfect towns on the sea. I made one last trip to Manarola for sunrise as the seas began to rise ahead of a storm.
Sony A7II 16mm 3.2sec@f16 ISO100

Water can reflect inner depths – even in the smallest puddle – if we only stop to look.

Photo Cuba Street Reflection

Classic car on an old Havana street. Cuba.

It comes to us in the form of rain, snow, and sometimes even bubbles.

Photo Bubbly

Father raises sun into the cloud of bubbles at the 4th of July celebrations in St. Charles, Missouri.

And of course, we can drink it!

Photo Lemon Lime Splash

A splash of water.

Water comes in all forms. I’m definitely not short of a photo or two of water – how about you??


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