This week, the theme is to:

Photograph beginnings

Beginnings are positive, hopeful, and maybe a little daunting.

Every day is a beginning, so this is the perfect challenge for those sunrise shooters – or maybe an especially good challenge for those of you who haven’t seen a sunrise for ages!

Photo Green at Sunrise

Each sunrise is a new beginning. I spent a couple of days in Miami especially to photograph these colorful lifeguard stands along Miami Beach. Each one is different in color and shape. Sunrise is a great time to capture these stands with the sun rising over the ocean and few tourists to get in the shot.

For travelers, beginnings of trips are full of excitement. Beginnings may be first impressions on arrival to where ever your travels lead or even the first step out the door for the airport.

Photo St Mary's

First impressions of the Isles of Scilly, Cornwall, England from an 8-seater aircraft.

Or photograph the start of any sort of adventure large or small, including the start of a race – even if it doesn’t include donkeys.

Photo Donkey Race

Donkey race in Creede, Colorado. The runners assure me that the donkeys are faster, but not quite as motivated to earn the $500 prize.

Beginnings of life are maybe the most special. Babies of all sorts tug at our heart strings and make us cry “awwww!”.

Photo Colt to Play

This colt, only a few weeks old, is part of a herd of wild horses near Eminence, Missouri

This challenge may even be the time to share your photographic beginnings by sharing the first photo you ever took.

Share your posts in the Comments below and use the tag WITSENDCHALLENGE.

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