This photo challenge was inspired by Tatiana and posted over on Travel Art Pix. Tatiana submitted her very photographs for the Photograph the Color Red challenge here a few weeks ago. She very creatively showed us How to Eat an Apple.

I thought we might all take a leaf out of Tatiana’s book. This week’s challenge is to: 

Photograph Sequences

Tatiana showed us how to eat an apple start-to-finish in nine frames. Sequences set up a story with a beginning, middle and end. We did a photo challenge a while back photographing Things in a Row. Sequences are a little different.

This challenge is perfect for showing how to do something – everything from cooking a recipe to creating a piece of art to changing a diaper (I dare you! 🙂

Here is a sequence of images for a photo that I post-processed. Beginning to end.

Post processing sequence. Final image on the top. Sequence left to right progressively closer to final image starting with the raw image out of camera.

Sequences allow us to show time passing and changes that happen over time. We often try to capture a story in one image, but sometimes we need a sequence of images to really tell the tale. A day in the life of…. is a great example of a sequence.

I chose this sequence of 3 photos to follow this fellow one night on Bourbon Street in New Orleans. His night starts merry – helped by a bit of liquid merriment – but ends on a somber note.

This colorful fellow in Trinidad, Cuba has so many great looks, one photo just doesn’t do him justice. 

This man from Trinidad, Cuba was so expressive that it was difficult to capture him in one image – I really needed to show him in a sequence of images.

But sequences don’t have to follow a time frame. Tatiana also did a sequences of doors from St. John’s New Foundland. It doesn’t matter what order the doors were photographed, she made a sequence of like images. Doors are a great favorite – and I do love to photograph doors! – but other subjects work as well. Here is a sequence of colorful Cuban cars. 

And my favorite trees. Oooo! This is fun!

And since it’s almost a new year (!!) How about a sequence of images from 2018? One of my best from each month. 

To create these poster collages, I created at template on Canva. Here’s the link.

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