Weekly Photo Challenge: Something that Doesn’t Belong

This week is one of those odd-ball challenges: Photograph Something that Doesn't Belong I think I’m tapping back into my childhood and remembering a bit from the children’s show Sesame Street where they show a series of objects and challenges the children to find the thing that doesn’t belong. I can even hear the song in my head "One of this things doesn't belong..

Weekly Photo Challenge: Motion

Photo On the Northern Line

This week's photo challenge is a motion etude -- Photograph Motion. Freezing motion – making a moving subject stand still - is one thing modern cameras do well. We can freeze the motion of anything from raindrops to race cars to birds in flight. Sports are perfect subjects for freezing motion.

India Travelogue: Varanasi

For the next few weeks, I'm posting a travelogue about my recent trip to India - my first on the sub-continent. We arrived in Varanasi as the sun was setting – not that one can tell in the ever-present haze. A car took us from the train to the nearest ghat (steps leading to the river) where the hotel’s boat picked us up. A boat ride at sunset was a great introduction to Varanasi!...

Weekly Photo Challenge: Eyes

This week's photo challenge is a focus etude -- Photograph Eyes. One exercise in the Focus section of my book 32 Photo Etudes is to focus on eyes. Whether you like to photograph people or animals, capturing the eyes are key. Our eyes go directly to any eyes in a photo, so it's important to practice getting a sharp focus where it counts.

India Travelogue: Allahabad

For the next few weeks, I'm posting a travelogue about my recent trip to India - my first on the sub-continent. We set off today on our 2nd railway journey in India, from Agra to Allahabad (or as it's known now, Prayagraj). Allahabad isn't really on the tourist map, we went there because that's where my husband was born.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Comfortable and Cozy

It's been cold - really cold - this week. We get these polar vortexes (vortexi?) every once in a while and I usually just hibernate in a warm cocoon until they're over. I know not everyone is in the throws of winter, but we all like to think warm and comfortable thoughts. This week's challenge is to photograph something comfortable and cozy.