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Red Marbles

Red Marbles

March 18, 2019

I was listening to an podcast this week about how some people seem really lucky, but in reality people make their luck happen. The analogy used was a bag of marbles with red marbles being the great opportunities that come along…

Weekly Photo Challenge: Gatherings

Weekly Photo Challenge: Gatherings

March 15, 2019

Weekly Photo Challenge: Gatherings

This week I had the opportunity to do a bit of photo journalism. I’m not a photo journalist, but I need some of the same skills when I’m traveling and photographing people and events. Photographing local events helps keep me in practice. This week, the challenge is to go out and Photograph Gatherings.

Website Spring Clean Complete!

Website Spring Clean Complete!

March 11, 2019

Let’s talk websites this week. I spent the last week updating my website. For me, updating my website is like cleaning my bathrooms. You know, the really deep down scrubbing where you use an old toothbrush and try to get into those deep down corners, some of them very awkward to reach and easy to forget about.

Welcome to Wits End Photography. I’m a St. Louis based travel and landscape photographer specializing in colorful minimalism and dramatic monochrome.


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