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Weekly Photo Challenge: Simplicity

Weekly Photo Challenge: Simplicity

May 24, 2019

Weekly Photo Challenge: Simplicity

I love this challenge! I admire photographers who specialize in minimalism and follow a number of them, but it’s not necessarily something that I’m very good at seeing myself….

Lucky Light

Lucky Light

May 21, 2019

When I posted the photo above of Jackson Falls, a comment made by one of my Facebook followers struck me. Paraphrased, he said that I was so lucky to find such good light.

I wasn’t sure how to respond to his comment. Yes, in some ways I was lucky in the weather and the lighting conditions I found when I hiked down to this waterfall, but the light he’s responding to isn’t just a matter of luck….

Weekly Photo Challenge: Falling Water

Weekly Photo Challenge: Falling Water

May 17, 2019

Weekly Photo Challenge: Photograph Falling Water
I’m out photographing waterfalls this week. Spring’s been wet and that, in my area, leads to waterfalls. I’m out in Shawnee National Forest hiking up and down trails to find these elusive waterfalls. By which I actually mean hiking down and then UP trails – it’s the nature of waterfalls that they start “up there” and go “down there”. To photograph them, I generally have to be at the bottom. Sigh….

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