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Zen Photography & Self Acceptance

Zen photographers accept where they are in their own vision and skill. Though always seeking improvement, they check their desire to compare themselves with other photographers and envy other photographers’ successes. Zen photographers work within themselves to create the best possible photographs they can. They acknowledge and accept natural human insecurities and negative desires, then refocus their energies on creating compelling photographs.

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Things in a Row

This week, the theme is to: Photograph Things in a Row This week, the theme is to photograph things in a row. Once you start looking, you’ll see rows everywhere. Think chains, trains, and lines. Explore rows of seats in a theatre, rows of people waiting for a show, rows of flowers waiting to be picked, rows of flags honoring veterans.

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Personality-Infused Photos

I had a bit of an epiphany this week with the help of a couple of the photographers who I’ve interviewed over the past couple of weeks for PhotoYoga. The “ah-ha” moment had to do infusing my personality into my photographs. 

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