Getting Out: Inspiration for Local Travelers

Photo Walking at the Watershed

The year I started my 365 Project (one photo a day for a year), was a lean year for my travels. I didn't take a substantial trip for almost six months. Most of us only get to travel once or twice a year so it's important to stay inspired as a local travel photographer. I… Continue reading Getting Out: Inspiration for Local Travelers

Local Traveler: Finding Photo Ops

Photo Sunflowers at Sunset 1

Traveling is a mindset. It is not defined by how far we go. I can travel the distance of one mile or a thousand miles to get good travel photos. We often think of traveling as part of a long trip, but as long as we're open to the experience, travel photography can happen just… Continue reading Local Traveler: Finding Photo Ops

Finding My Style

Photo City Sunset

I feel comfortable enough with my photographic style to write a bit about the process to this point knowing that my style will continue to evolve and change. For someone new to photography or who hasn't given it much thought, it might be surprising that holding a camera in the general direction of something and… Continue reading Finding My Style